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  • Biomolecules which can bind active agents are called targets. They can be receptors, enzymes or ion channels. If agent and target interact with each other the term agent-target-specific effect is used. The identification of targets is very important in biomedical and pharmaceutical research because a specific interaction can help to understand basic biomolecular processes. This is essential to identify new points of application.

Dr. Helmine Braitmaier

Science journalist
E-mail: helmine.braitmaier(at)arcor.de

Simone Giesler, Dipl.-Biol.

Freelance editorial office
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69207 Sandhausen
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Stephanie Heyl, Dipl.-Biol.

Science journalist
E-mail: stheyl(at)yahoo.de

Viola Hoffmann, M.Sc.

freelance editor
doctoral student at University of Hohenheim
E-mail: vio.hoffmann89(at)googlemail.com

Juliette Irmer, Dipl.-Biol.

Science journalist
E-mail: jirmer(at)gmx.de

Dr. Ernst-Dieter Jarasch, Dipl.-Biol.

Science journalist
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Jan Lask, B.Sc.

freelance editor
Master student at University of Hohenheim
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Dr. Heike Lehmann

Science journalist, editor
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Dr. Petra Neis-Beeckmann, Dipl.-Biol., Dipl.-Journ.

Science journalist
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Dr. Ariane Pott

Scientific communication, BIOPRO Magazine
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Walter Pytlik

E-mail: walter.pytlik(at)web.de

Gunther Willinger

Science journalist and photographer
E-mail: info(at)guntherwillinger.de
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