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Baden-Württemberg supports a biobased economy

Baden-Württemberg is taking its first steps towards a biobased economy, a bioeconomy to be precise. The report entitled “Bioeconomy – Baden-Württemberg’s way into a sustainable future” provides information on what a bioeconomy is all about, its objectives and the measures that the Baden-Württemberg government is taking to support the implementation of a biobased economy. The report is published by BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH.


The report entitled “Bioeconomy – Baden-Württemberg’s way into a sustainable future” focusses on issues related to the transition from a fossil-based to a biobased economy, gives reasons why biodiversity issues should be accorded greater importance, identifies the four major challenges of the transition from a fossil-based to a bioeconomy, discusses the importance of regional bioeconomy concepts and presents technology projects on bioeconomy issues in Baden-Württemberg. In addition, the 32-page report discusses economic issues as the biobased economy is also focussed on the creation of added value, employment and growth, and features statements from bioeconomy experts in Baden-Württemberg research institutions.

Innovative economic system

“Baden-Württemberg wants an innovative economic system; a system that makes sustainable agriculture and the industrial use of renewable resources possible while at the same time protecting the environment and biological diversity. The bioeconomy plays a crucial role in this endeavour,” wrote Dr. Nils Schmid, Baden-Württemberg Minister of Finance and Economics, and Theresia Bauer, Baden-Württemberg Minister of Science, Research and the Arts, in their joint welcome address.

The basis of raw materials is changing

The bioeconomy is a concept that is largely changing the way industrialised countries create added value. At present, the creation of value is primarily based on the use of hydrocarbons from fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal for the production of energy and materials. Existing resources are used intensively, but little focus is placed on their preservation.

The bioeconomy is also based on hydrocarbons. However, these hydrocarbons are derived from renewable resources such as plants, plant parts, plant waste and biological waste. “The bioeconomy is expected to pave the way towards an economic system that continues to act on the basis of chemical compounds, but which uses renewable raw materials for producing such intermediates,” said Dr. Ralf Kindervater, CEO of BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH. The bioeconomy places the focus on sustainability, environmental protection, biodiversity and bioethical aspects, thereby changing the value scale of the economy.

Order free of charge

The brochure “Bioeconomy – Baden-Württemberg’s way into a sustainable future” is available free of charge and can be ordered by sending an email to baechtle(at)bio-pro.de.

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