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Here you can find detailed information about BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg’s activities.

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  • Press release - 12-Dec-2017

    On 5 December, almost 50 stakeholders from the phytopharmaceutical sector in the Danube region gathered in Stuttgart for Phytopharma Day. The event provided insights into the work of collectors and growers of medicinal plants in Germany, Poland and Romania, and featured presentations by Baden-Württemberg companies. The participants also had the opportunity to discuss the extent to which science and industry could increase their networking activities in this sector in the Danube region.

  • Press release - 06-Apr-2017

    The kick-off conference of the Interreg Danube DanuBioValNet project was well attended. As many as 97 representatives from 67 organisations and 12 countries participated in the meeting. Stakeholders from cluster organisations and companies as well as representatives of higher education institutions and policymakers were given information about all aspects of establishing a biobased industry in the Danube region and what is required to turn plans into reality.

  • Press release - 27-Feb-2017

    The Interreg Danube Translational Programme’s ”DanuBioValNet” project aims to establish new biobased value chains. Under the leadership of BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH, 17 partners from the Danube region met on 1st January 2017 to pave the ground for transnational collaboration in the biobased industry. Regional cluster organisations are expected to drive the change from a fossil fuel-based industry to a biobased industry forward and will be given intensive training to help them initiate transnational networking in this sector.

  • Press release - 13-Dec-2016

    More and more bacteria are developing resistance to multiple antimicrobial drugs. These multidrug-resistant bacteria can impede the action of common antibiotics via mutations or DNA transfer. More than 30,000 people are infected every year with multidrug-resistant bacteria in German hospitals alone. This could be prevented with appropriate hygiene measures and innovative test systems. Innovative test systems that enable reliable and rapid diagnoses have been developed in Baden-Württemberg, which is home to many research institutions and research-based medical companies.

  • Press release - 19-Oct-2016

    Around 600 people came to the ”European Health Science Match” conference in Heidelberg to listen to 100 leading up-and-coming researchers from all over Europe, each of whom had three minutes to present their current research projects on the diagnosis and therapy of disease.

  • Press release - 29-Sep-2016

    Eight members of the Bundestag from Baden-Württemberg attended the Parliamentary Breakfast on 21st September 2016 in Berlin where information was presented on the performance of the biotechnology sector in Baden-Württemberg. The politicians also discussed with entrepreneurs ways of improving general conditions in the sector.

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