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BioValley Meet & Match event: "Orthopaedic Implants"

The sixth Meet & Match event was held at the International Space University in Illkirch close to Strasbourg on 29th March 2012. The meeting focused on “Orthopaedic Implants”. Science and industry representatives from the trinational BioValley gave 21 presentations focusing on a broad range of different aspects. The event was organized by the BioValley Matchmaking Team with the support of BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH.

The photo shows the participants of the Meet & Match event during the lunch break.
At the trinational Meet & Match events, potential cooperation partners from research and industry can meet each other and develop new contacts. © BioValley

Thanks to a varied and interesting programme, the sixth Meet & Match event attracted many representatives from universities, research institutions and companies. More than 100 participants came to Illkirch, a small city close to Strasbourg. None of the five previous events had attracted such a high number of participants. The majority of speakers and visitors came from the Basle, Alsace and Baden areas, which together constitute the trinational BioValley. The meeting started with talks that presented existing technologies, future market trends and the role of innovations in the field of “Orthopaedic Implants”. Surgeons and engineers then spoke about their experiences and the day-to-day practical problems they tend to encounter. Two workshops with interesting talks and lively discussions then addressed the issues of “New manufacturing methods and materials for implants” and “Implants in the human body: new functional implant technologies”.

Lively discussions between speakers and the audience © BioValley

Mona Boyé, who is the central contact for BioValley events and issues, acted as host for the meeting. As a world first, the entire meeting was conducted in German and French with simultaneous interpretation into the other language. The participants used the breaks and the get-together and buffet in the evening to further discuss issues that were raised in the talks as well as to make new and to strengthen existing contacts.

The next Meet & Match event will focus on “Immunology” and will most likely be held in autumn 2012.

Website address: https://www.bio-pro.de/en/press/articles/biovalley-meet-match-event-orthopaedic-implants