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Interactive exhibition on health opened on Mainau Island

Can neurons grow together again? Is the immune system able to combat cancer? Can a chip help blind people regain their sight? As part of the “Science in Dialogue” (Wissenschaft im Dialog) initiative, the “Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings” foundation has organised an exhibition on health-related topics that will be open to visitors until 4th September 2011. BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg is in pavilion 11 presenting three exciting research topics from the field of biotechnology, all related to human health.

Official opening of the exhibition. From left to right: Prof. Wolfgang Schürer, Dr. Helge Braun and Countess Bettina Bernadotte © BIOPRO/bjo

18 pavilions, an informational tour and an art installation have been set up to stimulate enthusiasm for research and the thirst for knowledge of visitors of all ages. Exhibits and a broad range of activities give visitors hands-on experience. The different exhibition themes are aimed at providing visitors with insights into the innovative power of health research in a comprehensible and fun way.

Countess Bettina Bernadotte, Managing Director of Mainau GmbH, Prof. Dr. h.c. Wolfgang Schürer, Chairman of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings foundation, and Dr. Helge Braun, the Parliamentary State Secretary in the BMBF, officially opened the meeting on 20th May 2011.

Impressions from the “camp”: BIOPRO tent at the exhibition “Discoveries 2011: Health” on Mainau Island © BIOPRO/bjo

After the official opening, Dr. Andrea Wegener of the Max Planck Society guided the visitors through the exhibition pavilions. This included a visit to pavilion no. 11 where BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg is offering insights into interesting health-related topics. Dr. Wegener was delighted to welcome the state of Baden-Württemberg and its interesting contribution for the third year in a row to the Mainau Exhibition.

Biotechnology, which is at the heart of all three research topics presented in the BIOPRO pavilion, plays an important role in the development of new therapeutic approaches. Presented in a comprehensive and interactive way, the three exhibits give visitors an idea of how the human immune system is able to fight off cancer, how it is possible for blind people to at least regain partial vision using a retinal chip and how torn peripheral nerves can become functional again.

Biotech research in Baden-Württemberg for human health in pavilion 11

Impressions from the opening of the exhibition on Mainau Island:

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