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BIOTECHNICA 2013 - Baden-Württemberg is a top life sciences spot.

The BIOTECHNICA trade show rolled out the red carpet for its exhibitors. Over 10,000 visitors walked over the carpet to inspect the exhibits that were on display at the Baden-Württemberg booth. The impressive exhibits of the companies showed that Baden-Württemberg has many highly innovative SMEs in the life sciences field.


And their number is continually growing. The start-up boom in the life sciences field in Baden-Württemberg continues – contrary to the rest of the country. Presentations by Sciomics GmbH, founded in April 2013 in Heidelberg, Computomics GmbH & Co. KG from Tübingen and the PASCA project from the IMTEK at the University of Freiburg showed how new developments can contribute to faster and more precise analyses of cell, protein and genome data. Dr. Christoph Schröder, CEO and founder of Sciomics, was extremely pleased with the number of interesting contacts he made and discussions he had, all of which will help the company to progress in terms of expanding its business. “I would specifically like to thank BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg for their support in providing us with exhibition space for our first presentation at a trade show. This helped us a great deal.” The founders of Computomics were also delighted with the quality of the contacts they made.

Three other young, innovative and well-positioned companies, CETICS Healthcare Technologies, CeGat and Q-Bios, also participated for the first time at BIOTECHNICA where they presented their products and services.

Dr. Ralf Kindervater, CEO of BIOPRO, having a conversation with visitors © BIOPRO

The significance of biotechnology was emphasised by Dr. Jochen Köckler, board member of Deutsche Messe AG: "At BIOTECHNICA we witnessed an innovative industry that aspires to deliver processes and technologies to face up to the big challenges of the future. Whether in the field of cosmetics, food or cancer medication - BIOTECHNICA has impressively shown what a central role biotechnology plays in all areas of life and in the future economy."

The display on the bioeconomy supported this claim with many interesting examples. "The textured wall panel with multimedia function, 90% of which was made from biomaterials, was particularly eye-catching. It was a great way to show that a bioeconomy world without oil would not be an economic or technological step backwards but instead would be a more diverse world with new and better materials, which would enable small groups of creative minds to develop and live with completely new business and usage concepts," Dr. Ralf Kindervater, CEO of BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg, explained.

Overall the mood was subdued

Most exhibitors were pleased with the fruitful discussions they had and contacts they made, but were disappointed that potential customers from important target groups in the field of biotechnology were not present at the trade show. Customer care for existing customers is important and was successful, but the overall feeling was that people did not mingle enough. However, BIOTECHNICA is currently the only trade show frequented equally by device manufacturers, networkers, platform technology providers and research-based biotechnology SMEs, and can thus serve as an all-encompassing platform for the diverse field of biotechnology.

Start-up projects:

Computomics GmbH & Co. KG
Computomics is a bioinformatics service company focussing on the plant and seed industry. It analyses next-generation sequencing data from genome assembly up to complex interpretations. Computomics has its own analysis platform and a large network of leading scientists from the fields of bioinformatics, machine learning and plant genetics. Its customers are scientists who work in seed and plant research companies.

Projekt PASCA der Universität Freiburg, IMTEK
The single-cell sorter analyses, sorts and prints individual living cells for research and pharmaceutical companies. The researchers’ goal is to enable clients to move their standard lab procedures to the single cell level. The technology was developed at the Department of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK) at the University of Freiburg as part of the international research project PASCA.

Sciomics GmbH
Sciomics GmbH was founded in April 2013 as a spin-off of the German Cancer Research Center. The company manufactures customised antibody microarrays and provides protein analyses using these arrays. The technology can be used by the company’s customers to simultaneously analyse several interesting proteins in a small sample volume. In addition to using this technology for human protein samples, it can also be used for animal research. In both human and animal samples, more than 1000 proteins can be analysed from a small tissue sample or a blood sample of 10μL.

Website address: https://www.bio-pro.de/en/information/press-release/biotechnica-2013-baden-wuerttemberg-is-a-top-life-sciences-spot