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EU: "Virtual liver" technology helps detect liver tumours

Scientists and surgeons from France, Germany, United Kingdom and Switzerland have developed a "virtual liver", using EU research funding, which will help surgeons better plan and carry out tumour operations and ensure quicker patient recovery. The PASSPORT project (Patient-Specific Simulation and Pre-Operative Realistic Training) makes a uniquely accurate "virtual liver" available to physicians based on medical images sent by the radiologist to a PASSPORT online service, which helps surgeons decide whether they should or not operate. Surgeons can now see more precisely where a tumour is and where they will have to operate to safely remove it.

On the recommendation of:
EU Kommission (05.01.12) - 09.01.2012

Ryan Heath
Phone: +32 2 296 17 16
Twitter: (at)ECspokesRyan

Linda Cain
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